Just in Time for Summer: Boat and RV Loans!

Jun 2, 2021 10:23:39 AM

Summer is here — finally! And for many, that means some much-needed beach days with the family. It’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some happy moments. What better way to do that than cruising around on a boat or in an RV? Think of the epic memories! With HUECU’s new boat and RV loans, we have everything you need to get ready for a summer of equal parts adventure and relaxation…because after this past year, you deserve it.

Why a boat or RV?

Whether you’re looking to switch up how you travel this year (why fly when you can take the scenic route, right?) or you’ve already purchased a boat or RV, HUECU wants to help our members get the most out of these major investments. This past year has seen a huge uptick in the sales of RVs and boats, and it’s easy to see why. They provide the perfect opportunity to spend more time outside, enjoying the company of friends and family, while watching the scenic coastline pass by through the window of your RV or over the rail of your boat. This is definitely a trend we can get behind, so we’ve created these new loans with our members, and the affordability of their adventures, in mind.

Why an HUECU loan?

HUECU is proud to offer low rates and simple design on all of our products, and these new boat and RV loans are no different. Whether you’re buying new or used, or looking to refinance, you’ll receive benefits like no application fees or penalties for prepayment, auto-pay discounts, a quick and easy application process, and the option for remote loan closing. Plus, enjoy flexible terms and other member discounts. If you’re not yet a member of HUECU, check your eligibility, and then click here to join so that the summer fun can begin!

To learn more about HUECU’s boat and RV loans, click here. And to stay up to date on all of our latest news and promotions, make sure you’re following @myHUECU on social media. Happy summer!

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