Budgeting for summer childcare costs

May 9, 2018 12:30:00 PM

School is almost out! More time with the little ones doesn’t have to mean higher summer expenses.

Visit Your Local Library

Many public libraries will have free, or low-cost:

  • fun summer programs
  • museum passes
  • movie nights

Pack Your Snacks & Water Bottles

Out for the day? Bring your snacks and refillable water bottle. If a place doesn’t allow outdoor food, like some museums, have an outdoor picnic before entering the building. Having a full tummy will help you save money and focus on the fun ahead.

Time to Channel Your Inner Child

Movies, ice cream and scavenger hunts can be affordable!
  • Movies: Have your children create their own movie theater and snacks. They want to bring the mattress into the living room and make 3 bags of popcorn?! Sure! That’s (affordable) quality time in the making.
  • Ice Cream Buffet: Set an ice cream budget and challenge your children to only spend that on ice cream…in the supermarket! You’ll get more ice cream, and save money, than if you go out for ice cream.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Remember hide and seek? Have your children hide items around the house and you take turns finding them. Children a bit older? Make the search a scavenger hunt.

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