GreenPath's Free Financial Services for HUECU Members

Jul 20, 2022 1:08:10 PM

As an HUECU member, you have access to free, certified financial counseling through our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness. But, that’s not all! GreenPath offers a wide variety of services – from credit report reviews to educational courses – to help you improve your overall financial fitness. Here’s a breakdown of some of their most popular offerings.

Credit Report Review

Regularly monitoring your credit report can help you to notice any errors and alert you to potential fraud. Being familiar with your credit report is also an important step toward strengthening your credit score, but sometimes understanding a credit report can be confusing. Luckily, GreenPath’s certified credit counselors are available to walk you through your credit report, making sure you understand all of the information included and how it affects your score. Having GreenPath do a soft pull of your credit report, won’t negatively impact your credit score. Work with GreenPath to make a plan for managing your credit today!

Financial Counseling

There are many aspects to maintaining healthy finances: from creating a budget, to managing debt, or understanding student loan repayment. GreenPath is available to help you every step of the way, whether it’s a one-time call or multiple calls, you have access to GreenPath for as long as you need. Whatever your financial journey looks like, GreenPath can help with in-person or virtual counseling who will provide a personalized Action Plan after all your sessions. Learn more here.

Debt Management

Debt is a very real part of being a financially independent adult. Having debt doesn’t have to be scary, but it is important to know how to manage it. GreenPath provides both the support and tools you need to take control of your debt. Their financial counselors work with you to make a personalized plan aimed at eliminating your debt (or at least helping you get to a less overwhelming place with it) and increasing your savings. They look at your individual financial concerns and stressors and help you to understand your options. Learn more about debt counseling here.

Educational Resources

A well-rounded financial education can help you to make healthier financial choices. From financial wellness worksheets to calculators and webinars, GreenPath has something for everyone – and every learning style – when it comes to building your financial education. In fact, their Learning Lab+ platform offers everything from recorded lessons to guided handouts, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Learn more about GreenPath’s free educational resources!

Housing Services

Housing is both an exciting and complicated aspect of your financial journey. Whether you’re ready to buy a home or looking to better manage your mortgage payments, GreenPath can help you factor any of your housing concerns into your budget. From foreclosure prevention and support to providing housing assistance, resources for renters, advice for homebuyers, and more, starting a conversation with a GreenPath counselor is a great first step toward feeling more secure in your housing situation. Learn more about GreenPath’s housing services! Members that hold HUECU mortgages or are looking to borrow with HUECU are encouraged to contact us for HUECU-specific resources; you can do so here.  

Blog & Podcast

In addition to regular webinars, GreenPath also offers blog posts and podcast episodes detailing stories from real people. Visit GreenPath’s blog to explore articles on a variety of financial topics as well as highlights from their podcast!