HUECU's Student Advisory Council

Dec 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM

As we wrap up the fall semester, we wanted to introduce you to our 2020-2021 Student Advisory Council. These students work in collaboration with us as we plan financial education programs, university engagement events, and they help us improve our student banking services. These students are able to gain perspectives from HUECU about the intersection of finance, not-for-profit, and education industries.

This cohort is composed of 5 Harvard College students from a multitude of places and backgrounds, who share a deep interest in economic diversity and inclusion. They have helped us workshop ideas for Wintersession and will be instrumental in helping us test new products and services.

Meadow Hall is a first year student from Franklin, Kentucky. She is interested in pursuing studies in Biology throughout her time at Harvard. Meadow is excited to join the advisory council so that she can continue to advocate for first generation low-income students. When she gets a break from studying she enjoys a Netflix binge and reading the latest news.

Ryan Leung is a third-year student in Dunster House from Lexington, MA. He is interested in economics, finance, public policy, and government, and believes that financial literacy is a far-reaching and critically important issue that spans across all these fields. When he has free time, he plays spikeball with friends and is always ready for a new adventure abroad.

Debora Gonzalez is an active HUECU member and fourth year student in Eliot House (now studying from her home in Miami!) concentrating in Sociology and Government. Since her family moved to the U.S., she became interested in personal finance and the ways in which it can improve people's lives. She is excited to be part of a team dedicated to helping other students learn about and set key financial goals. She spends her free time working out, walking outdoors, reading, and going on spontaneous adventures with friends and family.

Beau Meche is a fourth year student from Duson, LA in Currier House studying Economics and Government. Beau joined the SAC to be able to help in bridging the gap between the tools that the credit union offers and the undergraduate student body. When Beau isn’t in the library, he can be found at a Sox game, enjoying time with friends, cooking, or at Jefe's. 

Eddie Richardson is a third year student from Smyrna, GA in Eliot House studying Applied Mathematics. He is passionate about fighting for economic justice and working with teens to encourage savings and helping them learn to invest. Eddie enjoys cheering for his hometown Atlanta sports teams whenever he has the opportunity to! 

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