Inexpensive Ways to Fill Your Home Library

Sep 15, 2023 11:51:02 AM

Hoping to build an abundant home library, with works of poetry and prose as far as the eye can see? Look no further! Whether you’re after thrilling bestsellers or well-worn classics, we’re counting down seven inexpensive ways to fill your home library.

  1. Buy From the Library

That’s right: the library isn’t just for checking out books! Most libraries hold a used book sale at least twice a year, where you can find serious bargains on all kinds of books (and support your area libraries at the same time). Stop by your local branch and ask for more information about any upcoming book sales, and be sure to check if any nearby branches have a year-round used book sale space.

  1. Estate & Garage Sales

Some of the cheapest books in town can be found at estate sales and garage sales. Dedicate a full day to browsing as many sales as you can, and take a friend along for the adventure. If you find a number of books you like at one sale, ask about a bulk discount! Many sellers are looking to move as much stuff as possible, as fast as possible.

  1. Your Neighborhood Bookstore

Readers sometimes think their local bookstore will be more expensive than a national chain or online retailer, but the opposite is often true. Neighborhood bookstores tend to stock more used books; and with less space, they may offer more frequent sales in order to clear room for new stock. Free zines or cheaper works from local publishers may be available as well.

  1. Little Free Library

Did you know that Little Free Library is actually a national nonprofit organization, bringing free book boxes to readers across the US and all around the world? Check out Little Free Library online or download the app to find a book box near you. And, be sure to support the movement by donating a book or two once you’ve finished reading!

  1. Small Press Book Fair

If you’ve never visited a small book fair, now’s the time to start. These events are an excellent way to fill your home library, and to discover what smaller writers and publishers are doing. You’ll find lower-than-average prices on books and novellas, and often, free copies of literary magazines or other works. Plus, small press book fairs are a great way to connect with writers and other book lovers.

  1. Organize a Book Swap

A book swap is the perfect way to refresh your reading collection. Get a group of friends together and tell everyone to bring five to ten books to trade. You can keep things organized by asking attendees to draw a number determining who picks a new book first, or just let everyone browse the stacks and take what they like. If any books are left over at the end of the event—add them to your home library!

  1. Think Beyond the Books

As with any library, a good home library should include more than just books! Consider adding board games, old VHS tapes, CDs, journals, cookbooks and memorabilia; along with a few plants, candles and bookends for extra style. Add a cozy recliner, table and lamp, and your home library will be ready for reading!

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