Introducing the Student Advisory Council

Nov 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM
As a community partner, we seek to provide students with hands-on experiences that will prepare them to excel as thoughtful, balanced community and business leaders. With that goal in mind, we’re very proud to announce we’ve launched a new student group that will advise HUECU in its pursuit of campus-wide financial wellness. The group is called the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and its purpose is to consult on our financial education programming, university engagement events, and student banking services.

SAC members work in direct collaboration with HUECU staff and in return gain perspectives from the intersection of finance, not-for-profit, and education industries.

The inaugural cohort is composed of five Harvard College students from diverse backgrounds, who share a deep interest in economic diversity and inclusion. The first project they’re tackling together is a multi-day personal finance course held during Harvard College’s Wintersession, in January 2019.

Get to know our Student Advisory Council:

Chi Chi Nwodoh is a senior in Leverett House studying Chemistry. As a first generation student from a low-income, single mother family, Chi Chi is passionate about financial education and interested in the intersection of personal finance and business. When she’s not in class, she can be found surfing the web at Tatte.

James Bedford is a junior in Cabot House studying Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology. As a first-generation, low-income, and international student, James joined the council to help the credit union support students through increased understanding and better targeted financial literacy training. When he’s not looking after his stem cells, he can be found drinking coffee, taking photographs, and kicking back at Tealuxe.

Jessica Li is a senior in Leverett House studying Applied Math, Economics, and Computer Science. She is passionate about personal finance and equipping young people with the skills, knowledge, and training to make informed financial decisions during and after college. Outside of class, she is involved with Rough Draft Ventures as the Harvard venture fellow, manages the college fellow program for Female Founders Fund, conducts research with Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School, teaches computer science through the Digital Literacy Project, and founded and runs the education technology community through the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching. She is currently training for a several races, including a summer 2019 marathon, and enjoys running by the Charles River.

Ryan Leung is a first-year student in Straus Hall. During his senior year in high school, he interned at the Massachusetts State Treasury’s Office of Economic Empowerment, exploring ways to increase the financial literacy of different demographics in the state. He is interested in economics, finance, public policy, and government, and he believes that financial literacy is a far-reaching and critically important issue that spans across all these fields. When he’s not in class or studying, he can be found noshing on a burrito at Felipe’s or playing sports with friends.

Valentina Gutiérrez is a first-generation, low-income (FGLI) college student, born in Colombia but raised in Rhode Island. She is a junior in Lowell House studying History & Literature. She believes financial education is important across campus, and especially for FGLI students. Her favorite hang-out spot in Harvard Square is the newly renovated Smith Campus Center. When she’s not in class, she can be found teaching adult immigrants how to speak English.

Please join us in welcoming SAC!

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