Memorial Day weekend is here!

May 22, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Just because the unofficial start of summer may not include as many friends and family at the usual BBQs, pool parties, brunch, or weekend get-away, does not mean we can’t find socially distant ways to enjoy our new normal.

Thanks to our friends at Harvard University’s Outings and Innings (O&I) we are sharing some of the many activities O&I have pulled together. You may follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to date events.

You may also get daily listings of activities from The Boston Calendar (TBC). Although TBC expands past the Boston-area, you may want to visit your specific town or city’s online calendar for more local activities.

Twenty Ways to Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend (for free!)

1.     Visit the Boston Children's Museum for daily family activity  

2.     Enjoy a fun activity at the Zoo New England Kids Corner

3.     Bring the Boston Duck Tours to your home!

4.     Escape to Hogwarts with Harry Potter at Home

5.     Put together your own puppet show or watch one through Brookline's Puppet Showplace Theater

6.     Wow each other with Origami Patterns from The Spruce Craft

7.     Visit the Museum Of Science’s virtual museum

8.     Explore the arts at Lincoln Center At Home

9.     Take a music lesson from the Boston Symphony Orchestra

10.  Travel to Zoos Across the World

11.  Watch performances by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

12.  Attend the Metropolitan Opera virtually

13.  Watch a virtual concert from NPR’s list

14.  Smell the flowers virtually at New York Botanical Garden

15.  Watch the San Diego Zoo Live Cams

16.  Navigate artifacts of pre-history to modern day with Google Arts & Culture

17.  Walk the world from the Comfort of Quarantine–with 4K Walking Tours

18.  Time-travel through to view old websites with their Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

19.  Go onboard of the U.S.S. Constitution for a virtual tour.

20.  Honor and celebrate the many heroes that gave their lives serving our country by learning more about Memorial Day

Thank You To All That We Honor This Weekend, and Always.  

Happy Memorial Day!

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