5th Year of Wintersession Success

Feb 9, 2016 4:24:10 PM

Now in its 5th year, this multi-day program, held during Harvard College’s Wintersession, is designed to help students create a budget and stick to it; learn to be financially independent; build and keep a high credit score; prepare for taxes; shop for insurance; and invest to build retirement savings.

The speaker roster featured Dee Dee Chen, HUECU Director and Certified Financial Planner©. Chen offered her expertise as an employer benefits administrator to help students maximize their income and understand retirement plans.

After attending the program, one student said that it was, “Probably the most interesting and practical course I’ve taken at Harvard!”

Another senior remarked, “Harvard doesn’t offer any personal finance courses during the year and this is all information that graduating seniors should know.”

HUECU is proud to draw student interest to this innovative financial literacy program, which is unique among over 120 Wintersession offerings.

The program’s benefit cannot be overstated. “It has had a profound impact on how I now view and treat my money,” concluded one student. “I am more informed on how to strategically put away money now to allow ‘future me’ to live more comfortably later. This is probably the most impactful course I’ve taken at Harvard so far.”

We look to Wintersession 2017 to continue expanding our commitment to the financial health of our community.

Pictured on Left: Between sessions, HUECU President & CEO Gene Foley fielded one-on-one questions. 

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