Personal Finance Management Wintersession Course

Jan 4, 2017 4:42:23 PM

The program is specifically tailored to help undergrads learn to be financially independent from their parents; build and keep a high credit score; prepare for taxes; shop for insurance; invest to build retirement savings; and create a budget and stick to it.

The speaker roster features Certified Financial Planner© and HUECU Director Dee Dee Chen, who will share her expertise as an employer benefits administrator at Mass General Hospital to help students maximize their income and understand retirement plans.

This innovative approach to financial literacy is unique among over 150 wintersession offerings that include everything from ski trips and scuba classes, to ballroom dancing and printmaking. Despite the competing programs, our program registration fills quickly because the benefit is clear.

“This program has had a profound impact on how I now view and treat my money,” concluded one student last year, “I am more informed on how to strategically put away money now to allow ‘future me’ to live more comfortably later.  This is probably the most impactful course I've taken at Harvard so far.”

We look forward to teaching the program and continuing our commitment to the financial health the student body and our community at large.

Learn more about the HUECU Personal Finance Management Wintersession course.