Reducing personal finance worries in the community

Oct 4, 2017 12:24:38 PM

Close to 33% of employees are distracted at work due to their personal finances1. Those distractions may affect work performance by shifting employees focus away from their work responsibilities. For the past few months, HUECU has helped reduce money stress at work by providing personal finance workshops throughout Harvard University.

Harvard’s Benefits Office, HUCTW, and Office of Work/Life have partnered with us to hold individual financial wellness series, all with different topics, dates and locations. Topics have included Debt Management, Applying for Financial Aid, Understanding Loan and Credit Card offers, amongst others.

At our workshops, we provide free resources and information to empower participants through their financial journeys. Attendees share what has, and hasn’t, worked for them all while learning money management tips.

Since it may be difficult to stop thinking about our money during work, we’ve embraced the opportunity to start dialogues that will help people take steps towards improving their financial lives.

More workshops are scheduled for the upcoming weeks, throughout our communities. Visit our workshop page to join one of our in-person or webinar sessions.

[1]Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC 2017