Winter Money Saving Tips from Your Fellow Members

Jan 2, 2018 3:44:16 PM

Winter can be pricey!

During our Winning Winter event at our Harvard Square Branch Idea Bar, we chatted with members about winter expenses. Top three expenses were heat, travel and holiday gifts.

HUECU members are strong savers. Below are some tips, straight from Winning Winter attendees, on how to save money during the winter months.

Money Saving Tips from Your Fellow Members

1. Heating Costs

  • Wear warm layers
  • Turn thermostat down
  • Go outside to avoid turning heat up
  • Layer on blankets

2. Travel

  • Carpool
  • Take the bus
  • Book travel early
  • Look at multiple websites before booking travel

3. Gifts

  • Make your own gifts
  • Limit who gets gifts
  • Regift
  • Shop sales

4. Food

  • Cook meals at home
  • Eat beans and rice
  • Celebrate mostly at home (minimize going out to restaurants and bars)
  • Minimize ordering take out

5. Track your spending


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