Wintersession Continues Success

Feb 4, 2015 3:08:43 PM

This past January, HUECU hosted its fourth annual Personal Finance Management seminar as part of the Harvard College Wintersession program. Launched in 2011, the program was created in collaboration with students from Harvard College and Harvard Business School to give Harvard undergraduates the opportunity to learn critical points for financial success.

The seminar covered a range of personal finance topics such as investing, budgeting, taxes, insurance, credit cards and credit scores. Using case studies, students were taught how to connect the principles of financial management with their own financial goals.

Speakers included representatives from HUECU, American Express, Harvard Business School, to mention a few. In addition to the presentations, students were also able to participate in a Q & A session with a panel of recent Harvard graduates.

After successful completion of the program, one student offered the following comment:

“I made a promise to myself to begin paying off my loans after the first day of the program.”

HUECU will be hosting three additional personal finance courses during Senior Spring 2015. Topics covered will feature Budgeting 101, Credit Cards, and Investment Tips.

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