NCUA Board Member Visits HUECU

Dec 2, 2015 5:26:04 PM

During a recent visit to Cambridge, new National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board Member Mark McWatters and his Senior Policy Officer Sara Vega met with HUECU President & CEO, Gene Foley and the HUECU Executive Team.

McWatters and Vega discussed issues facing credit unions today including the growing need for credit unions to access supplemental capital, the evolution of new regulations and the need for better cooperation between the NCUA and the industry as a whole.

Currently, HUECU plays a role in building community prosperity in several key areas through our commitment to housing issues, green initiatives, financial literacy and access to credit for low-and moderate-income borrowers. HUECU expressed the need for the NCUA to support measures aimed at strengthening how the credit union industry serves its local communities.

Pictured: The HUECU Executive Team with Mark McWatters, NCUA Board Member.