Coming Soon: EMV Chip

Sep 17, 2014 10:04:24 AM

Beginning in December, every new HUECU Credit Card will include the enhanced security of an EMV chip. EMV technology features an embedded microchip that makes it extremely difficult to copy a card, should it be lost or stolen, better protecting cardholders from many types of fraud.

How Does It Work?

EMV chips are enhanced by providing dynamic data that cannot be known to someone who steals your card or your card number. It’s the most fraud-resistant payment method you can use.

Where Are EMV Cards Accepted?

The new EMV cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. If a merchant is not yet utilizing EMV chip technology, the transaction will be processed using the magnetic strip on the back. The additional security benefits of the EMV cards will be realized anywhere the technology has been adopted. EMV chip technology is already prevalent outside of the United States; however, many U.S. merchants are still in the process of updating their payment terminals.

When Will EMV Cards Be Issued?

Beginning in December, all new cards will include the EMV chip. When existing credit cards are reissued, they will be replaced with an EMV-enabled card. Once the new cards are available, the Credit Union will also be able to accommodate replacements by request.