No Spend Valentine's Day

Feb 1, 2023 1:43:04 PM

If your budget got a bit out of hand over the winter holidays, you’re not alone. Many people start the year with a resolution to reduce spending—yet with Valentine’s Day coming up fast, it’s easier said than done.

Romantic celebrations can be expensive, but breaking the piggy bank is not the only way to show your loved ones that you care! This year, get creative by giving your partner a no-spend Valentine’s Day based around their Love Language.

Wait—What’s a Love Language?

Everyone is different in how they prefer to give and receive affection. By understanding your partner’s “Love Language”, you can be better equipped to create the perfect Valentine’s Day. Is it science? Definitely not! But it is a fun way to rethink how to give your loved ones exactly what they want, on a budget.  

For those who prefer acts of service

Doing acts of service is an all-time winner when it comes to demonstrating affection. If this is the way your partner likes to be shown love, start Valentine’s Day by making them a home-cooked breakfast. Remember that there’s no need to bust your budget on gourmet ingredients—it truly is the thought that counts! If you’re concerned about rising prices at the grocery store getting in the way of your Valentine’s Day plans, check out the HUECU blog for a few tips on which supermarket essentials are less impacted by inflation.

Quality together time

When just being together is important to your partner, surprise them with a full-day itinerary of Valentine’s Day activities. In the morning, check out a free museum or exhibition in your city—here’s a few links for Boston. For lunch, head over to the nearest college. The student union at most universities is a great place to relax for an hour with sandwiches from home. You can spend the afternoon strolling and window-shopping in a new neighborhood; and to finish off the day, look for any gallery openings, which often serve up wine and snacks along with the art.

Messages from the heart

Words of affirmation is another love language. It refers to people who want to hear positive things from their partner. If this sounds like your loved one, a homemade Valentine’s Day card is the way to go—and it’s also just the beginning! Grab a dry-erase marker from the office and write some messages of love on their windows and mirrors. (Just be sure to check first that it can definitely be erased). On the other hand, you could write your messages on small pieces of paper and hide them around the house, to surprise and delight your partner again and again.

Gifts that cost nothing

Finally, there are those who just love to give and receive gifts. Instead of running out to the store, get creative. A Valentine’s gift that costs nothing is still a gift! Focus on presentation and thoughtfulness. An empty jam jar tied with a ribbon and filled with evergreen branches can be a beautiful winter bouquet; a batch of homemade cookies, neatly wrapped and placed inside a nice box, is a sweet and tasty gesture. Of course, you can also visit the local thrift store—it won’t be free, but you’ll find plenty of possible gift ideas under five dollars for your sweetheart.





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