Our Favorite Money Movies

May 12, 2020 3:30:00 PM

You’ve finished your long list of Netflix series and specials you wanted to watch, so what next? Grab your popcorn and favorite candy, because HUECU has compiled a list of our favorite money movies. Some of these movies have been recently popular, and some have stood the test of time. These movies have action, heart, and our favorite part…financial institutions!

Some of these movies help to teach us a lesson about spending money wisely, while some teach us an even greater lesson about life. We hope you enjoy watching along!

These movies aren’t all made for young audiences, so please use your own discretion.

Cinderella (G)

Why we love it: Cinderella is a true rags to riches story. She works hard in a house that doesn’t treat her well, but she gets an opportunity to change her life. She is able to find happiness just because of who she is and not because of what she has.

Lesson learned: We learn that having money and spending it, doesn’t make you a good person. We need to treat others with kindness always, even if they don’t treat us that same way.

Where to watch As of May 12th, 2020: Disney+, Amazon Prime, Google Play.

Blank Check (PG)

Why we love it: This movie shows what a huge spending spree can look like, we even begin to start thinking…”What would I do with a million dollars?” This fun story brings us all back to the kid inside of us, who can sometimes see what really matters in this life.

Lesson learned: You quickly learn that money can’t make you feel full and happy, even if you have a lot of it. When we take a final look at our lives, it is really the people we surround ourselves with that matter.

Where to watch As of May 12th, 2020: Disney+, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime.

It’s a Wonderful Life (PG)

Why we love it: This is a classic tale that takes George through his life to show him just how much he means to the world around him. Money plays a large role in his life, but this shows him just how much value life has outside of that.

Lesson learned: Your life is more important and valuable than what money you have. Even as one person, you can make a big impact in your part of the world. Continually be grateful for what you already have.

Where to watch As of May 12th, 2020: Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes.

The Big Short (R)

Why we love it: The Big Short gives us a peak into the crazy financial period before the 2008 housing crisis. The characters make risky decisions look fun, although they are immoral. We also love the interjections of different celebrities explaining investing jargon.

Lesson learned: High risk/high reward can sound fun and daring, but in reality it can really cost you. Make sure to always think through your investments and talk with a trusted professional about them.

Where to watch As of May 12th, 2020: Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes.

Wall Street (R)

Why we love it: The characters in Wall Street are still major players in most movie trivia games. They are strong, but unwilling to understand and come to terms with their own moral wrongdoings. This shot of life on Wall Street isn’t always true, but it makes for a thrilling movie.

Lesson learned: Budgeting with the money that you have made is important. Don’t budget for a life that does not fit your paycheck. An honest dollar is the only dollar.

Where to watch As of May 12th, 2020: Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes.

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