Save for the Unexpected

Feb 26, 2020 8:32:00 AM

Imagine that tomorrow you walk out to your car, and all four tires need to be replaced.

Or better yet, you wake up to the news that your favorite music artist is going on tour, and tickets go on sale right now!

If you have a savings account with at least $400 accessible, not only will the “unexpected” only be a minor inconvenience (or a mad dash to grab those concert tickets), but you will have more savings than approximately 60% of Americans.

Today during #AmericaSavesWeek, we are focusing on saving for the unexpected.

Don’t have an emergency fund or looking to grow your emergency fund? Take the America Saves Pledge and commit to successfully building an emergency fund of just $500. Embrace the “Start Small and Save Big” mentality.

Don’t forget! You can enter to win up to $750 when you take the America Saves Pledge and share your #ImSavingFor Sweepstakes story on social media.

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