Introducing THRIVE

Jan 14, 2022 11:22:37 AM

Learn to live your best money life with HUECU’s new financial wellness platform: THRIVE.

THRIVE brings all of HUECU’s financial wellness resources together in one place. From regular workshops to weekly blogs posts, you can find the resources that work best for you and your personal money goals. Benefit from expert financial counseling and award winning financial education. Whether you’re looking for expertise on the home buying process or guidance on creating the best budget for your needs, THRIVE has something for everyone. Below, explore some of the features and benefits that THRIVE has to offer.

Blog posts

Just like this blog you are reading now, THRIVE includes weekly blogs posts on topics ranging from debt repayment, to student finances, to home buying, and much more. This content is created with the various needs of our members in mind, and designed to guide you through each stage of your financial journey.


With THRIVE, you can join regular financial wellness workshops led by HUECU experts. Learn how to create the perfect budget or prepare for retirement. If visual learning is what you need, then a THRIVE workshop is the perfect place to further your financial education.

Financial Counseling

Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness are available to assist members with any and all financial needs and questions, free of charge.

Learning Lab+

GreenPath also offers a financial education portal: Learning Lab+. This platform comes complete with educational coursework, videos, worksheets, and more designed by the experts at GreenPath.

Short videos

If you can’t find the time for a long-form workshop, then our collection of short, educational videos may be the right fit for you. Explore hundreds of financial wellness topics in just minutes.

Worksheets and Calculators

THRIVE offers worksheets to help you work through complicated topics like understanding your credit history. You can also use our calculators to help plan for things like saving for a down payment on a home or paying off a loan.

THRIVE also offers regular workshops in Spanish, and all webinars are posted on our YouTube channel so that you can learn at your own pace or refresh your memory whenever you need. Whatever you need in terms of improving your financial wellness, THRIVE will help get you there. Get started with THRIVE today!

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